2Samuel 5:7   Nevertheless David took the stronghold of Zion.  (NKJV)

This website is a testimony to God’s tearing down of strongholds, word curses, disbelief on the part of others, and our disbelief in ourselves. God has captured our hearts, restored our faith, and made room for our gifts. As we focused on Him, He gave us a Nevertheless! God has a Nevertheless just for you, too.  Nevertheless-me is the message that God’s relationship, will, and blessing is individual for each one of us, Nevertheless for you and for me.

We trust Him for everything, just as David did when he took down Goliath, and when he conquered the stronghold of Jerusalem.

By the way, you can hear the entire CD: NO DOUBT, on this site.

Louis and Freneau Hogan -



The concrete cross atop Mt Davidson by night, in San Francisco. Louis and Freneau. Studio candids. And our daughter Mikah, below.